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Ford Installation and FAQs
Flex Fuel Sensor Replicator-Ford

If you need to replace the flex fuel sensor (Ford Part No. YL5A-9C044-BA) on your Ford flex fuel vehicle, now is the time to buy a Flex Fuel Sensor Replicator that offers many advantages over replacing an OEM flex fuel sensor. 

What Ford vehicles will the Replicator work on?


Any Ford or Mazda vehicle equipped with an OEM flex fuel sensor.  If your vehicle matches one listed in this table it should have a flex fuel sensor  and the Replicator is for you.













VIN 8th Digit


Location of

OEM Sensor

1996 - 2000



3.0 L


Near passenger side shock tower

1999 - 2000



3.0 L


Driver’s side of transmission cross member

1999 - 2000


B3000 (Selective)

3.0 L


Driver’s side of transmission cross member


Installation Tips


1.)    DISCONNECT THE BATTERY with the ignition key off and out.

2.)    Disconnect the flex fuel sensor on the vehicle.

3.)    Always mount the Replicator away from heat sources and inside the frame rail of the vehicle where it will be protected from water and flying debri.

On Ford vehicles the Replicator must be installed by removing the Ford quick disconnect plug and using the supplied POSI-LOCK connectors and heat shrink tubing.  We apologize for this inconvenience but Ford does not manufacture a male plug for this device.


1.)    Begin by making sure the battery is disconnected.


2.)    Cut the vehicle connector off of the wiring harness, leaving at least 2” of wire with the connector for future use if required.  Cut and attach only one wire at a time to ensure the proper connections. 

3.)    Install the Replicator using the POSI-LOCK connectors.  Start by sliding the 2" piece of heat shrink tubing over each wire before connecting.  Follow the pin/wire instruction below to connect each wire.


Attach PIN A (5V) wire to the WHITE wire on the Replicator

Attach PIN B (12V) wire to the LIGHT BLUE wire on the Replicator

Attach PIN C (COMM) to the PURPLE wire on the Replicator.        

      4.)  Slide the heat shrink tubing over the connector centering the connector in the tubing.  
            Use a controlled heat source like a heat gun or lighter to shrink the tubing over the 
            connector and wires.  Heat the tubing slowly as not to burn the outside of the tube.

The picture above is only for installation guidance only.  The wire colors from the connector vary with the year make and model of the Ford vehicle this is being installed on.


The OBD II engine code will clear after installation of the Replicator if you have disconnected the battery during installation.  If you did not disconnect the battery, it will take approximately 30 minutes or 30 miles for the engine code to clear.


If any other OBD II codes were present before installing the Replicator, they may still be present after installation


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  Will the engine codes go away after installing the flex fuel replicator?

A:  The codes associated with the flex fuel sensor will clear if you disconnected the battery during installation.  Otherwise, it will clear after about 30 minutes of operation or 30 miles.  It will only clear engine codes PO176,177,178 and 179.


Q:  The housing on my flex fuel sensor is leaking.   Can I bypass the sensor after installing a Flex Fuel replicator?

A:  You can bypass the original sensor after installing the Flex Fuel Replicator.  The original sensor no longer has any functionality


Q:  Do I have to remove the original sensor when installing a Flex Fuel Replicator?

A:  No you do not, fuel still passes through the old sensor housing.  If the original sensor is leaking, you will want to bypass it though.

Q:  Is it illegal to alter the OEM flex fuel sensor?
A:  No it is not illeagel.  The flex fuel sensor is a part of the fuel delivery system.  It is not a part of the emission system.

Q:  What limitations does my vehicle have after installing the Replicator?
A: The only limitation you have is that your car will not be able to burn alternate fuels like E85 with a standard Replicator installed.  You must burn good old fashioned unleaded gasoline that may contain up to 10% ethenol.

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