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U480 Code Reader

U480  - OBD2/CAN-BUS Trouble Code Reader

The U480 Trouble Code Reader is a scanner for real-time automotive diagnosis based on the OBDII protocol with
added CAN-BUS compatibility. It offers many years of reliable use with its robust housing and solid construction. By simply plugging it into your vehicles diagnostic socket, you will be able to read all trouble codes related to the "Check Engine Light" & identify the code by consulting the manual. Reset the trouble light & reset OBDII Monitor Status. Also retrieves the VIN (vehicle identification number) on supported vehicles. 

Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, this most affordable handheld OBDII Auto Scanner is an ideal tool for you. In less than 10 seconds, it will allow you to easily and accurately access and clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC), including generic and manufacturer-specific DTCs, and even pending codes, for OBD II compliant vehicles.


Compatible Vehicles

The best solution to diagnose all 1996 and newer OBDII Compliant Vehicles (including CAN).

The U480 is specially designed to work with all OBDII compliant vehicles. It is required by EPA that All 1996 and newer vehicles (cars and light trucks) sold in the United States must be OBD II compliant and this includes all Domestic, Asian and European vehicles.

Main Features and Benefits

  • New in the box.
  • Includes: Scanner with built-in cable & connector, and User Manual with code descriptions
  • Reads & erases Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) or MIL status and turns off (resets) CHECK ENGINE light
  • Resets OBDII monitor status
  • Retrieves the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) on supported vehicles
  • Easy to read, crystal clear back-lit 2 line LCD display
  • Displays over 700 possible error codes
  • Supports multiple trouble code requests: generic codes, pending codes, and manufacturer specific codes
  • Small & portable
  • Easy to use – one plug-in and two button operation
  • Stand alone – needs no laptop or additional parts to operate
  • Know your vehicle Trouble Codes before taking it to the shop
  • Check out used vehicles before you buy.  Not all Trouble Codes illuminate the Check Engine light
  • No need for batteries – power supplied by vehicle when plugged-in
  • Affordable – does what the big test machines do for a fraction of the cost

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Plugs into your OBDII plug – located inside, near the driver’s seat

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